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System of Regional Accounts

Regional Accounts of Brazil 2012

IBGE, in partnership with State Statistical Organizations, State Government Departments and the Superintendence of the Manaus Free Trade Zone (SUFRAMA), makes available the Regional Accounts of Brazil 2012, with the results of the Gross Domestic Product – GDP - presented from the production point of view.

Just like the previous edition, it is worth highlighting that the parameters of the System of Quarterly National Accounts were adopted instead of those of the System of National Accounts, whose reference base is being reviewed at the present moment. Due to the data availability of the System of Quarterly National Accounts, the estimates now released present a more restricted detail level, and, therefore, are preliminary.

The commentaries presented provide a summarized view of the Brazilian economy in 2012 and confront the relative contribution of the Major Regions and Federation Units in the formation of the national GDP in the 2002-2012 period, with a highlight ot the GDP per capita in 2011. The data presented are compatible with the National Classification of Economic Activities – CNAE 1.0; the glossary at the end of the publication brings the terms and concepts considered relevant to the understanding of results.

The enclosed CD-ROM brings the information presented in the printed volume, the data concerning the 2002-2009 series released before, as well as the 2002-2012 series with the activities which are compatible with the System of National Quarterly Accounts.

The Regional Accounts methodology and database are thoroughly integrated to the National Accounts Series. Complementary information may be found in the publication Regional Accounts of Brazil, of the Methodological Reports Series.

The information now released can also be accessed on the IBGE portal in the Internet. The 2002-2012 series matched with the retropolated 1995-2001 series of the Regional Accounts is also available.