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IPP - Producer Price Index - Mining, Quarrying and Manufacturing Industries


The Producer Price Index – IPP, whose scope are the mining, quarrying, and manufacturing industries, aims at measuring the average change in the sales prices received by domestic producers of goods and services, as well as their evolution over time, indicating short-term inflationary patterns in Brazil. Therefore, it constitutes an essential indicator for the macroeconomic follow-up and, consequently, an important analytic tool for decision makers, either public or private.    

The IPP investigates, in a little more than 2,100 enterprises, the prices received by the producer, exempt from taxes, fees, and freights, and defined according to the most usual commercial practices. The collected products are specified in detail (physical and transactional aspects), ensuring that homogeneous products are compared over time. As a result, almost 6,000 prices are monthly collected.

The release of the IPP series is summarized in three basic comparisons, in addition to the index number (based on December 2018), which are: M/M-1 (month against previous month); cumulative in the year (month against December of the previous year); and M/M-12 (month against the same month of the previous year). Adopting the National Classification of Economic Activities – CNAE 2.0, the IPP produces indicators for 24 activities in the mining, quarrying, and manufacturing industries. It also reorganizes the same data into large economic categories, divided in capital goods, intermediate goods and consumer goods (durables and semi- and non-durables).