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The Producer Price Index belongs to the group of indexes employed to monitor inflation in the country. “Factory-gate prices" are collected every month, which means that prices are listed in their first commercial step – before they reach the final consumer, for example. Industry is the main focus, in this case.

Esse índice tem ampla possibilidade de uso pela sociedade. Entre as empresas, por exemplo, pode ser usado para a indexação de contratos. Na esfera pública, serve como balisador para o acompanhamento da inflação. Além disso, é usado pelo próprio IBGE nos cálculos das Contas Nacionais.

Data for the index can be collected in two ways: by means of an electronic self-administered questionnaire or by means of the tradition interview and questionnaire filling. Telephone calls or e-mails are accepted only and as an aid in very specific situations.