National Consumer Price Index - INPC

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The National System of Consumer Price Indexes - SNIPC continuously and systematically produces the National Consumer Price Index - INPC, aimed at the correction of the purchasing power of salaries by means of the measurement of price changes in the basket of the lowest-income salaried population. That income range was created in order to guarantee a 50% coverage of families with a salaried reference person and living in urban areas included in the National System of Consumer Price Indexes - SNIPC . 

This price index has as collection units commercial and service-offering establishments, public service and Internet concessionaries, with data collected, in general, from the 01st to the 30th day of the month of reference. 

Currently, the target population for the INPC encompasses families with household income ranging from 1 to 5 minimum wages, from whatever source, living in urban areas covered by the SNIPC, which are: metropolitan areas of Belém, Fortaleza, Recife, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Vitória, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, besides the Federal District and the municipalities of Goiânia and Campo Grande.

Data Collection Calendar - Year/2018

Month Period
January 29/12 - 29/01
February 30/01 - 01/03
March 02/03 - 29/03
April 30/03 - 27/04
May 28/04 - 29/05
June 30/05 - 27/06
July 28/06 - 27/07
August 28/07 - 29/08
September 30/08 - 27/09
October 28/09 - 26/10
November 27/10 - 28/11
December 29/11 - 28/12