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National System of Consumer Price Indices

Technical Note 02/2003 (to substitute the Technical Note 01/2003)

Adjustment in the methodology of calculus of Domestic Personnel based on the Monthly Employment Survey

In December of 2002, IBGE started to release the results of the revised Monthly Employment Survey (PME) As PME is a data source for the calculus of salary changes of Domestic Personnel in the Consumer Price Indices of IBGE, some adjustments are necessary to consider the methodological aspects and possible improvements resulted from the revision of PME. The purpose of this note is to present the procedure of calculus for Domestic Personnel after those adjustments.

Definition of domestic personnel

Domestic personnel applies to people who work providing domestic services for one or more housing units with compensation . It applies to the genuine domestic worker, who performs any task in the housing unit, and to other categories such as janitors, maids, laundresses, among others. They may have or not a formal contract. That description corresponds to the 5121 employment code of the Monthly Employment Survey.


Income applies to the monthly gross income usually earned relative to a complete month of work. It does not apply to earnings that are not continuous, such as the 13th salary, vacation benefit or overtime hours of work. As it is a gross value, items such as contribution to social security or occasional discounts due to absences are not deducted.

Method of calculus

Every month the change of domestic personnel will be determined by means of consecutive moving averages. The monthly change to be incorporated in domestic personnel will result from the comparison of the moving averages of three months of the average incomes usually earned .
The relative referring to May, for example, results from the comparison between the simple arithmetic mean of the average incomes of January, February and March (reference) and the mean of the average incomes of December, January and February (base).

Geographical coverage

The result of the changes of each one of the six areas surveyed by PME is incorporated in the corresponding area of SNIPC. Thus, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, Recife, São Paulo and Salvador express the characteristics of their local labor markets. The average income change obtained from all the information of the six areas surveyed by PME will be attributed to the other five areas of SNIPC not covered by the survey (Brasília, Belém, Fortaleza, Curitiba and Goiânia).

Reference month

The income change estimates of domestic personnel for a T month has as its reference the information obtained through the PME relative to the T-2 month. In other words, considering a price index of January, the result of domestic personnel will be obtained from the PME of November of the previous year. By the end of every year, the price indices will have incorporated the accumulated change of 12 months of PME, from November of the previous year to October of the present year.

With this alteration in May of 2003, the accumulated change obtained by means of the method of calculus described herein will be incorporated in the month indices, for the period from January to May, deducted the results incorporated up to April.

The following table presents the monthly average incomes available as of April of 2002.


Average Income Usually Earned, considering the surveyed area and the total of the areas of the
Monthly Employment Survey (R$)
Period All areas Recife Salvador Belo Horizonte Rio de Janeiro São Paulo Porto Alegre
Apr/02 272.77 143.04 170.38 221.99 270.22 322.27 259.51
May/02 268.99 150.28 172.60 224.54 267.41 316.97 254.98
Jun/02 269.85 161.86 177.37 219.53 264.51 319.53 272.13
Jul/02 267.47 169.97 175.05 227.67 267.30 310.90 264.73
Aug/02 265.39 188.18 177.77 222.08 268.12 312.30 273.16
Sep/02 269.29 188.02 183.93 223.22 277.24 305.67 274.60
Oct/02 265.81 185.44 181.00 216.91 285.88 301.00 258.99
Nov/02 274.65 184.83 188.96 225.76 289.99 310.59 273.72
Dec/02 274.63 182.41 187.31 220.29 292.71 312.12 292.10
Jan/03 275.24 179.43 186.96 221.35 292.38 317.48 277.95
Feb/03 268.60 177.70 180.60 219.20 281.20 312.20 278.00
Mar/03 273.40 182.00 182.70 220.50 289.80 318.00 265.90

Source: IBGE, Directorate of Surveys, Department of Emplyment and Income, Monthly Employment Survey .