President's Office

166, Franklin Roosevelt Av., 10th floor, Castelo, Rio de Janeiro - RJ / tel.: (21) 2142-4501 e 4502

President: Susana Leite Ribeiro Cordeiro Guerra
President Biography


Departments related to the president's office

  • COC - Operational Department of Censuses - Maria Vilma Salles Garcia
  • CCS - Department of Social Communication - Diana Paula de Souza
  • AUD – Internal Audit - Walid Nemer Damous Sobrinho


Executive Directorate- DE 

166, Franklin Roosevelt Av., 10th floor, Castelo, Rio de Janeiro - RJ / tel.: (21) 2142-4503

Director: Fernando José de Araújo Abrantes

It is responsible for the planning of activities and for the general management of the Institute. Its scope of action includes the administration of human resources, material, patrimony, budget, financial resources and of accounting departments.

The Executive Directorate comprises the following departments:

  • COF - Department of Budget and Finance - Antonio Carlos Mantuano
  • CPS - Department of Planning and Supervision - Gylcilene Ribeiro Storino
  • CRH - Department of Human Resources - Bruno Taranto Malheiros
  • CRM - Department of Material Resources - Waldir Fortunato Junior


Directorate of Surveys - DPE

500, Franklin Roosevelt Av., 10th floor, Castelo, Rio de Janeiro - RJ / tel.: (21) 2142-4747

Director: Eduardo Luiz Gonçalves Rios Neto

It is responsible for the production and systematization of studies, surveys and statistical works related to the demographic, social, environmental, economic and administrative status of the country.

The Directorate of Surveys is the representative of the IBGE coordinating the National Statistical System and in partnerships of statistical cooperation. It is subdivided into:

  • COREN - Department of Labor and Income - Cimar Azeredo Pereira
  • COAGRO - Department of Agriculture - Octávio Costa de Oliveira
  • COIND - Department of Industry - Flavio Renato Keim Magheli
  • COINP - Department of Price Indexes - Gustavo Vitti Leite
  • COMEQ - Department of Methods and Quality - Marcos Paulo Soares de Freitas
  • CONAC - Department of National Accounts - Rebeca de La Rocque Palis
  • COPIS - Department of Population and Social Indicators - Barbara Cobo Soares
  • COSEC - Department of Services and Trade - Alessandro de Orlando Maia Pinheiro
  • COCAD - Department Registries and Classifications - Francisco de Souza Marta
  • GTD - Technical Office for the Population Census - Luciano Tavares Duarte
  • GTA - Technical Office for the Census of Agriculture - Antonio Carlos Simões Florido


Directorate of Geosciences - DGC

15671,  Brasil Av., Bl.III-B/3rd floor, Parada de Lucas, Rio de Janeiro-RJ / tel.: (21) 2142-4998

Director: João Bosco de Azevedo

It is responsible for the production and systematization of information related to cartography, geodetics, geography, natural resources and environmental affairs, which are essential for the knowledge, analysis and evaluation of the national territory as well as for its management and organization.

The Directorate of Geosciences is the representative of IBGE in the Fundamental Geodetic Plan and Basic Cartographic Plan and also in partnerships of cooperation in Geoscience. It is subdivided into:

  • CCAR - Department of Cartography - Patrícia do Amorim Vida Costa
  • CETE - Department of Territory Structures - Roberto Ferreira Tavares
  • CGED - Department of Geodetics - Sonia Maria Alves Costa
  • CGEO - Department of Geography - Claudio Stenner
  • CREN - Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies - Luciana Mara Temponi de Oliveira


Directorate of Data Processing - DI

500, Franklin Roosevelt Av., 14th floor, Downtown, Rio de Janeiro-RJ / tel.: (21) 2142-4572

Director: David Wu Tai

It is responsible for the planning, control and execution of computer-related activities and for the administration of the database of the Institute, in order to provide technical support to the access of data and guarantee their confidentiality.

The Directorate of Data Processing is subdivided into:

  • COINF - Department of Computing Processes - José Luiz Thomaselli Nogueira
  • COADS - Department of System Maintenance and Development - Claudio Mariano Fernandes
  • COBAD - Department of Methodology and Database - Bianca Fernandes Sotelo
  • GETEL - Technical Office for Telecommunications - Bruno Cesar Barbosa Alves
  • GEOPI - Technical Office for Computing Operations and Output - Bruno Gonçalves Santos


Center for Information Documentation and Dissemination - CDDI

706,  General Canabarro Street, Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro-RJ / tel.: (21) 2142-4780

Coordinator: Marise Maria Ferreira

It is responsible for planning, coordinating and carrying out the activities related to the organization and supply of information to users. It develops information products and services, being responsible for their dissemination and commercialization.

The Center for Information Documentation and Dissemination is also responsible for promoting the public image of IBGE and for preserving its institutional memory.

It is subdivided into:

  • COATI - Department of Integrated Assistance - Paulo Cesar de Sousa Quintslr
  • COMAR - Department of Marketing - Carmen Danielle Lins Mendes Macedo
  • COPES - Department of Special Projects - Maria do Carmo Dias Bueno
  • COPRO - Department of Production - Marise Maria Ferreira


National School of Statistical Sciences - ENCE


106, André Cavalcanti Street, Bairro de Fátima, Rio de Janeiro-RJ / tel.: (21) 2142-4683

Coordinator: Maysa Sacramento de Magalhães

It is responsible for the planning and execution of teaching and research activities in the fields of statistics and geography. The school offers graduation, post-graduation and specialization courses and is also in charge of the training and improvement of IBGE professionals.

It is subdivided into:

  • CEGRAD - Department of Undergraduate Studies - Gustavo Henrique Mitraud Assis Rocha
  • CPG - Department of Graduate Studies - César Augusto Marques da Silva
  • CTA - Department of Professional Improvement and Training - Bianca Walsh