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Special Areas

Registry of Municipalities located in the Legal Amazon


Registry of the Brazilian municipalities located in the Brazilian Legal Amazon, stretched along about 5,020,000 km². The Legal Amazon was originally created in 1953 under the responsibility of the Superintendence of the Economic Valorization Plan of Amazon (SPVEA). Today, it matches the area of the States of North Region (Acre, Amapá, Amazonas, Pará, Rondônia, Roraima and Tocantins), plus the whole State of Mato Grosso and plus the municipalities of the State of Maranhão located west of meridian 44º W. Its current configuration corresponds to the area under the responsibility of SUDAM.


The main objective is to identify the Brazilian policital-administrative units located in the Legal Amazon region, qualified for a specific treatment due to their climate characteristics.

Legal/Administrative References

    - Law no.1,806, of January 6, 1953 (creation of the SPVEA);

    - Law no.5,173, of October 27, 1966 (deactivation of the SPVEA and creation of SUDAM);

    - Supplementary Law no.31, of October 11, 1977;

    - Provisional Measure no.2,146, of May 4, 2001;

    - Supplementary Law no.124, of January 3, 2007.


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