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SIS - Summary of Social Indicators


The Summary of Social Indicators assesses the life quality and well-being levels of persons, households and population groups and the realization of social and human rights, as well as the access to different services, goods and opportunities, by means of indicators aiming at taking into account the heterogeneity of the Brazilian society under the perspective of the social inequalities.

The Summary of Social Indicators began in 1998. Its origin dates back to the Social indicators: 1979 report publication, also from the IBGE, which broke the hegemony of using economic indicators for such purposes, particularly the Gross Domestic Product - GDP. The report proposed a new scope to assess the life conditions of the population, including issues related to Population and households, Labor division, Occupational mobility of the workforce, Income distribution, Household expenditure, Housing, Education and Health. Up to the 2016 edition, the National Household Sample Survey - PNAD was its major information source, complemented by other statistics, either from the IBGE or from external sources. With the replacement of PNAD by the Continuous National Household Sample Survey - Continuous PNAD, the latter became the major information source of the study, also complemented by other internal and external statistics.

Along its existence, the study has been including a number of key information to map the inequalities and their effects on the Brazilian social reality, aiming not only at incorporating current and relevant issues for public policies, but also at deepening the analyses based on the inequalities of gender, color or race and age groups.

The periodicity of the study is annual, except in the years when the Population Census takes place. Its geographic coverage is national, with results released for Brazil, Major Regions, Federation Units, Metropolitan Areas and Municipalities of the Capitals.