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IPCA-E - Special Extended National Consumer Price Index


The National System of Consumer Price Indexes - SNIPC produces - continuously and systematically - consumer price indexes and, in this production, has, as data collection units, commercial and service-rendering establishments, concessionaires of public Internet services.

Having been first available on the Internet in May 2000, the Extended National Consumer Price Index 15 - differs from the Extended National Consumer Price Index - IPCA only in terms of geographic coverage and of the data collection period. The former considers, in general, from day 16 of the previous month to day 15 of the month of reference.

Currently, the target population of the IPCA-15 is formed by families whose income ranges from 1 to 40 minimum wages, whatever the source, living in urban areas included in the SNIPC, which are: the metropolitan areas of Belém, Fortaleza, Recife, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, and also the Federal District and the municipality of Goiânia.

The Special Extended Consumer Price Index - IPCA-E was created in December 1991 and,  from January 1995 on, started to be released every quarter. This way, the IPCA-E is the cumulative quarterly result of the IPCA-15.

Data  Collection Calendar - Year 2021

Month Period
January Dec 12th - Jan 14th
February Jan 15th - Feb 11th
March Feb 12th - Mar 15th
April Mar 16th - Apr 13th
May Apr14th - May 13th
June May 14th - Jun 14th
July Jun 15th - Jul 13th
August Jul 14th - Aug 13th
September Aug 14th - Sep 14th
October Sep 15th - Oct 13th
November Oct 14th - Nov 12th
December Nov 13th - Dec 13th
January 2022 Dec 14th - Jan 13th