Environmental-Economic Accounting for Water: Brazil - CEAA | 2013-2015

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Since water is a key component of economic development, it is necessary to adopt policies that integrate sectoral planning with the management of water resources; therefore, it is essential to join economic, social and hydrological information to the sustainable management of natural resources. In order to combine such information, the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) has formulated the manual System of environmental-economic accounting for water, SEEA-Water, with guidelines for a systematic and periodic assessment of key indicators involving the integration of physical and monetary data on water.

With the publication of the present fact sheet, the IBGE, together with the Ministry of the Environment and the National Water Agency - ANA and with the support of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit - GIZ GmbH, puts out the first results of the Environmental-Economic Accounting for Water - CEAA, relative to the 2013-2015 period. These accounts provide physical and monetary indicators on water supply and demand in Brazil, by economic activities and by households, and as they are an initial data set subject to improvements and expansions, its results are preliminary.

The information disclosed herein shows the participation of economic activities and households in the flows of water withdrawals and returns to the environment, and the conditions, in terms of costs for users, of the use of water resources. Data are organized into three groups: Stock Tables, Physical Supply and Use Tables - Physical SUT, and Hybrid Supply and Use Tables - Hybrid SUT. The Stock Tables show the increments and abstractions in the stock of water resources; the Physical Supply and Use Tables - Physical SUT report withdrawals by abstraction of the environment for the economy, water flows within the economy and the return of the economy to the environment; and the Hybrid Supply and Use Tables - Hybrid SUT relate, finally, the monetary amounts of production, consumption and costs associated with the Water and Sewage activity. The breakdown by economic activities is based on the National Classification of Economic Activities - CNAE 2.0 and the methodological recommendations of SEEA-Water.

This fact sheet is also available on the IBGE website, which also brings a wide range of information on CEAA, with result tables for the period considered and technical notes with methodological considerations, including a glossary with the concepts used in the elaboration of the present study.