Geoscientific products


Calendar of Geoscientific Products in 2021


Studies and Surveys
Release Date
Files of the Brazilian Network for Continuous Monitoring of GNSS Systems - RBMC, for precision georreferencing
Files of the Geodetic Permant Tide Gauge Network  - RMPG, for the monitoirng of sea level variations
Brazilian Territorial Area, 2020 version
Municipal Mesh, 2020 version
Municipal Mesh of Population Estimates, 2020 version
Brazilian Journal of Geography (v.65 n.2)
Introduction to Geography: Nilo Bernardes (posthumous edition)
Metropolitan Areas, Urban Agglomerations and Integrated Development Areas of Brazil 2020
Update of the Mapping of Natural Resources in the Environmental Information Database - BDiA 2021
Legal Amazon, 2020 version
Atlas of Literary Representations of Brazilian Regions: Brazilian Coast
Update of the Monitoirng of Land use and Cover with Data Disaggregated by Federation Units, 2018 version
Cerrado's grassland
Municipalities of the Boarderland Strip, 2020 version
Political Map of Brazil, on scale 1:5,000,000, 2021 version
Maps of the Brazilian Geodetic System Network, scale 1: 5,000,000, 2020 version
Digital Model for Converting Ellipsoidal Heights into Normal Heights , 2020 version
Digital Index Map, 2021 version
River Basins and Divisions of Brazil, 2020 version
Brazilian Journal of Geography (v.66 n.1)
Political Map of Brazil, on scale 1:2,500,000, 2021 version
Urban Regional Divisions: Areas of  urban regional articulatioin 2020
Continuous Cartographic Basis of the State of Rio Grande Do Sul, scale 1:100,000 - BC100_RS, 2021 version
Sanitation Atlas: Water and sanitary sewage supply 2020
Territory Networks and Flows: Air links 2020
Continuous Cartographic Basis of Brazil, scale 1:250,000 - BC250, 2021 version
Assessment of RBMC Station Coordinates 2000-2019
Monitoring of  Variation of the Geodetic Permanent Tide Gauge Network  2001-2020 
Continuous Cartographic Basis  of the State of Santa Catarina, on scale 1:25,000,  2021 version (Methodological note)

December 30, 2020