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PAIC - Annual Survey of Construction Industry


The Annual Survey of Construction Industry-PAIC identifies annually the structural characteristics of the construction activity and its changes throughout time. The information surveyed focus on the statistics on value added, employed labor force and ist compensation and investments in fixed capital, among other aspects.

The most used collection techniques in the PAIC are the self-applied electronic questionnaire and the traditional interview based on the paper questionnaire. The PAIC questionnaire is available in paper, or on electronic media, on CD-ROM or to be downloaded, on the IBGE portal. The enterprises chose the most convenient means.

The survey is an important source of statistical information on the construction business segment. The information collected is essential for National and Regional Accounts; in addition, they can be used in analyses of public, private and educational institutions which deal with construction.

The confidentiality of the information provided is guaranteed by law and is part of the international principles of official statistics that underpin all the work carried out by the IBGE.