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Structural and special studies and surveys

Calendar of Structural and Special Studies and Surveys in 2021

Studies and Surveys Expected release date on Dec 30, 2020 Actual release
2020 Per Capita Household Income February Released on
2020 Coefficient of Regional Imbalance May Released on
2019 Annual Survey of Construction Industry June Released on
2019 Statistics of the Central Register of Enterprises  June Released on
2019 Annual Survey of Industry - Enterprise July Released on
2019 Annual Survey of Industry - Product July Released on
2019 Annual Survey of Trade July Released on
2019 Annual Survey of Services August Released on
2021 Population Estimates August Released on
2020 Municipal Agricultural Production September Released on
2020 Municipal Livestock Production September Released on
2020 Forestry Activities October Released on
2020 Continuous National Household Sample Survey: Income from all sources(1) June Released on 11/19/2021
2020 Survey of Basic State Information : Profile of Brazilian States(1) October Released on 11/10/2021
2020 Survey of Basic Municipal Information : Profile of Brazilian Municipalities(1) October Released on 11/10/2021
2019 System of National Accounts - Brazil November Released on 11/05/2021
2019 System of Regional Accounts - Brazil   November Released on 11/12/2021
2020 Public Finance Statistics and Government Intermediate Account - Brazil November Released on 11/19/2021
2020 Complete Life Tables - Brazil November Released on 11/25/2021
2019 Municipal Gross Domestic Product December Released on 12/17/2021

Note: The releases of the 2020 Continuous National Household Sample Survey: General characteristics of households and residents and the 2020 Continuous National Household Sample Survey: Education were postponed until 2022, due to a readjusted deadline.

(1) Month changed due to the necessity to adjust deadlines.

December 17, 2021