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Letter of Services to the Citizen

The Letter of Services to the Citizen has the objective of informing the citizen about the services provided by the body or entity, about the forms of access to those services, and the respective commitment to quality and quality standards of Customer Service. It was stablished by Decree-Law 6,932/2009, and concerns issues related to giving support to the citzen in the Federal Executive Government. This information is important to the pursuit of transparency in the public sector and it is useful to the citizen who wishes to be in contact with IBGE


Services offered

The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics – IBGE is the main data provider of the country. Those data meet the demands of the several different segments of Brazilian civil society, as well as of other governmental institutions at federal, state and municipal level.

IBGE presents a complete and updated overview of Brazil through its main activities:

  • Coordination of the Systems of Cartographic and Statistical Information
  • Production of statistical information
  • Production of geoscientific information
  • Production of environmental information
  • Information dissemination


Requirements, documents and information needed to use the service

IBGE’s customer services are rendered to every citizen. Documents or any kind of information are not required.

Services rendered

IBGE provides information to the public through its dissemination units, in the capitals, with the logo of the Institution, in the areas of immediate face-to-face attendance, offering one of the biggest collections of printed and electronic publication, as well in the databanks, with statistical and geographic information of Brazil.

The IBGE homepage, its main communication channel, discloses survey results in dynamic homepages and files to be downloaded and databases.

IBGE products are in the main libraries in Brazil and also in the Virtual Shop.

The institutional collection can be looked up at the Library.

IBGE also offers support through the email:, with an average deadline of 3 days after the request to answer to the user. Quick information can be obtained by contacting the call center (0800 721 8181), with 20s on hold, at most.

The Department of Integrated Assistance, located at Rua General Canabarro, 706 – Maracanã – Rio de Janeiro – RJ, is meant for more complex cases.

Highly prepared professionals are in charge of giving the information produced IBGE as required by the user.

At the face to face customer service, users are received immediately, with priority to the elderly and pregnant women.

IBGE's Support ot the Public Units are clean, comfortable and accessible to provide users with a suitable service.

Each request is analyzed by the Support to the Public Teams of IBGE, which, according its level of complexity, can be immediately answered or forwarded to the specialized teams of IBGE.

By sending a written request, the user is informed by mail about the estimate deadline for the answer.

Users are able to monitor, at any time, the status of the demands forwarded to the IBGE's Support to the Public Teams through phone calls or by email.

If there is any problem with one of the support channels, the user can resort to the other channels offered by IBGE.

Communication channels with the requester

The answer to the requests will be forwarded by mail, preferentially, but it can also be obtained through the same channels used by the citizen to make his/her requests, i.e.: by phone or face to face.

Suggestions and complaints

Suggestions and complains by phone, mail or face to face, are registered and forwarded to the General Coordination of the Center for Information Documentation and Dissemination - CDDI, IBGE, to be answered later to the citizen.

Deadline for the service rendered

The deadline for the answers provided by IBGE is 20 days after the request. For complex cases, which demand deeper research, the deadline could be extended.

Institutional Mission

"To portray Brazil by providing the information required to the understanding of its reality and the exercise of citizenship."