Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística

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Population Censuses

2010 Population Census

The 2010 Population Census consisted of a meticulous survey of all the households in the country. Throughout the months of data collection and supervision, 191 thousand enumerators visited 67.6 million housing units in the 5,565 Brazilian municipalities in order to obtain information about who and how many we are and about where and how we live.

According to the first definitive results, published in November 2010, the total Brazilian population was 190,732,694 persons.

More results were made available to the public in April 2011, with the release of the Population Census Summary. It presented information about enumerated households, by type, and about resident population in the country, by Federation Unit and municipality.

In November, other results were made available to society with the release of Population Census: Characteristics of the Population and Households: Results of the Universe; Population Census: Preliminary Results of the Sample; Municipal Social Indicators: an analysis of the results of the universe of the Population Census and Population Census information database: Universe results by enumeration area.