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Redesign of the IBGE´s Sample Household Surveys

About - 15th SIPD Forum - December 2014

  • The fifteenth forum on the Integrated System of Household Surveys - SIPD aimed at following up the discussion on the construction of this system, whose implementation started in 2011.

    The SIPD comprises the Continuous National Household Sample Survey, National Survey of Health - PNS and the continuous consumer expenditure surveys – comprising the Consumer Expenditure Survey - POF and Simplified POF –, as well as surveys on other themes, either through supplementary investigations or independent surveys.

    The seminar was held on December 5, 2014 in Rio de Janeiro and mainly discussed the following items:

    • general reports on the PNS, PNAD, PME, POF and Continuous PNAD;
    • proposal for the redesign of the questionnaire of the Continuous PNAD;
    • presentation of the Consumer Expenditure Survey - POF 2014/2015;
    • methodological aspects of the per capita household earnings to comply with Law 143/2013 (State and Federal District Revenue Sharing Fund - FPE); and
    • strategy to release the Continuous PNAD from January 2015 onwards.

    Fifteenth SIPD Forum - December 5, 2014



The increasing demand for socioeconomic and demographic information has been a reality for the National Statistical Offices all over the world, characterizing a huge challenge, as it happens in a context of even more limited resources.

The improvement of the supplied information should include new themes and, for those already surveyed, should either deepen them, survey them at shorter time intervals or search for a regularity in the surveying.

A solution to suit the statistical offices to this new reality has been the adoption of models that envisage the systemic conception, by producing integrated databases and information sources.

The methodological and coverage redesigns of the major household surveys of the IBGE, like the National Household Sample Survey - PNAD, Monthly Employment Survey - PME, Consumer Expenditure Survey - POF and Urban Informal Economy Survey - ECINF always happened separately. Nevertheless, the IBGE has been developing the Integrated System of Household Surveys - SIPD over the last years, in which each surveyed theme will be part of an integrated system of socioeconomic and demographic indicators. Planning, implementation, dissemination and result analysis of the surveys will be carried out in association, optimizing resources and streamlining the meeting of new demands.

The model proposed by the IBGE encompasses:

  • Adopting shared selection registries and sample designs, aiming at optimizing the production of statistical information from household surveys.
  • Harmonizing concepts, variables and classifications in every investigation comprising the SIPD, aiming at streamlining the comparative analysis of the results.
  • Harmonizing the processes of edition, imputation and tabulation, whenever appropriate.
  • Improving the use of technologies for data capture, integrating the decision taking on the most appropriate technology (PDAs, notebooks, computer-aided telephones).
  • Enabling the implementation of longitudinal studies.
  • Producing short-term indicators on labor and income with national coverage and detailing by Federation Unit.
  • Producing continuous information on consumption, mainly aiming at carrying out studies on Life Conditions and updating the measurement of poverty, national accounts and inflation.
  • Flexibility to include new themes like: Victimization, Time Use.
  • Detailing themes already investigated by the IBGE like: Health and Education.
  • Regularity in the investigation of themes like: Food Security, Access to Transfer of Income from Social and Health Programs, Child Labor.

The thematic core of this system will comprise the Continuous PNAD – a survey that will integrate PNAD and PME – and the Continuous POFs, comprising the complete POF, carried out at each 5 years, and the Simplified POF, which will be continuous. As they are continuous and have multiple purposes, those surveys will be natural vehicles for supplementary investigations.

The planning of the SIPD requires extensive contact with users and information producers. In this regard, the steps achieved in the development of the SIPD have been presented in seminars and conferences promoted by either the IBGE or other institutions.

Therefore, users can follow up and assess the ways adopted to build this new project.

II National Meeting of Producers and Users of Social, Economic and Territorial Information (CONFEST/CONFEGE). August 2006.

The SIPD project was discussed in many roundtables. Sampling aspects proposed for the new system of surveys and the thematic lines related to the short-term indicators on labor were discussed. The progress of the project, both in operational and thematic terms, counted on the participation of experts on the use of microdata from sampling household surveys, representatives from the Ministry of Labor and Employment and Ministry of Social Development and Fight against Hunger, as well as an adviser from the International Labor Organization.