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FASFIL - Private Foundations and Non-Profit Associations in Brazil


The IBGE and the Institute of Applied Economic Research – IPEA, in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Non-Governmental Organizations – ABONG and the Group of Institutes, Foundations and Enterprises – GIFE make available the latest study conducted about civil society organizations in Brazil, making use of data from IBGE's Central Register of Enterprises – CEMPRE. The Presidency of the Republic General-Secretariat also cooperated in the elaboration of the current edition.

The results are presented for the Brazil, its Major Regions and Federation Units. The analysis provides an overall view of these organizations in 2010, encompassing statistics about their number, location, time of existence, size, activities developed, number of workers and compensation. Furthermore, issues related to gender and to level of schooling of salaried persons have been included into the study for the first time. The commentaries also highlight the main changes observed in this segment between 2006 and 2010, in na attempt to compare the statistics in this publication with those presented by other public and private organizations listed in the CEMPRE. The publication brings technical notes, with considerations about methodological changes and improvements introduced in the present edition of this study, and also a glossary with the terms and concepts considered relevant for the understanding of the results.

A CD-ROM is enclosed in the publication and contains, besides information by Major Regions and Federative Units released in the printed volume, data about the Brazilian municipalities, and the complete table plan for years 2006 (previous and new methodologies), 2008 and 2010.

The set of this information provides important contribution to enlarge the knowledge of the profile, dimensions and dynamics of this relevant segment of the social sector.