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Abridged Life Tables


With this publication, IBGE makes available the results and the methodology employed in the elaboration of the Abridged Life Tables for year 2010, a publication which includes infant mortality figures calculated according to the 2010 population census, and makes use of data on deaths by sex and age groups, obtained from the Civil Registry Statistics and from the Ministry of Health's Information System, for the reference year analyzed.

Besides providing information on the levels and standards of the Brazilian population mortality, the life tables are extremely important for the elaboration of official population projections for Brazil, its Major Regions and Federation Units with a demographic method. These projections are fundamental to calculate economic and socioeconomic indicators employed in the formulation, implementation and later evaluation of development programs at several governmental levels, and mainly in the actions within the social promoted by them.

The Tables for 2010 present a change in comparison with the previously released ones, once the extreme age group now is 90 years of age and over, and no longer 80. This improvement resulted from the growing demands for more disaggregated information on the elderly population, mainly due to the ongoing ageing of the Brazilians, with significant increase of old-age populations. In order to enrich the analyses, the mortality indicators presented herein were compared to those from the 1980 Tables, thus providing an overall view of the changes of levels and standards in the period analyzed.