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ECINF - Urban Informal Economy


It presents the survey results concerning the situation of small non-agricultural businesses, especially those belonging to the informal sector in terms of relative to owners, and encompassing data about investments, revenues, expenditure and average profit of companies in the informal sector, characteristics of employed persons, such as sex, age, level of instruction, job contract and position in the occupation, besides aspects related to the regularization of the business, access to non-financial services and credit. The results obtained from the supplement Small Businesses, done in partnership with the Brazilian Service and Support to Micro and Small Companies – SEBRAE, are presented to Brazil.

The publication also includes a brief discussion of the survey, methodological information, analysis of results, besides a glossary with relevant terms and concepts.

The CD-ROM which comes enclosed with the publication contains, besides the information in the printed volume, the data for Major Regions, Federative Units, Metropolitan Areas selected and the Federal District .

The information generated by the survey Urban Informal Economy lead to deeper knowledge of the role and importance of the informal sector in the Brazilian economy, and contributes to the study and planning of social-economic development in the country.