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Continuous PNAD - Continuous National Household Sample Survey


It aims at monitoring the quarterly fluctuations and the short, medium and long-term evolution of the labor force and other information necessary for the study of the country's socioeconomic development. In order to meet these objectives, the survey was planned to produce quarterly indicators on the workforce and annual indicators on permanent supplementary themes (such as work and other forms of work, personal and household care, information and communication technology, etc.), investigated in a specific quarter or applied every quarter in a part of the sample and accumulated to generate annual results. Indicators on other supplementary topics can also be produced at varied periodicity. The survey unit is the household.

The Continuous PNAD was inaugurated experimentally in October 2011 and, in January 2012 it became definite, covering the whole National Territory. Its sample was planned in order to produce results for Brazil, Major Regions, Federation Units, Metropolitan Areas with the Municipalities of the Capitals, Integrated Development Region - RIDE of Greater Teresina, and Capitals' Municipalities. Since its implementation, the survey has been gradually expanding the indicators investigated and disseminated.

The Continuous PNAD discloses short-term (monthly and quarterly) and long-term (annual and variable) information. Monthly short-term information encompasses a limited set of indicators related to the labor force covering the geographic level of Brazil (mobile quarters), while the quarterly disclosure includes indicators related to the labor force (conventional quarters) for all the levels of the survey. The long-term information of annual periodicity corresponds to the other permanent topics of the supplementary survey and complementary indicators related to the workforce, while those of variable periodicity are derived from the investigation of other subjects or topics of the permanent subjects to be searched more frequently or occasionally.

Supplementary subjects and topics surveyed in specific quarters of the year:

  • Education (2nd quarter); and
  • TV and Internet access and ownership of mobile telephone for personal use (4th quarter).

Subjects and topics surveyed throughout the year at a given visit:

  • Housing (1st visit);
  • General characteristics of the residents (1st visit);
  • Additional information on the workforce (1st visit);
  • Other forms of work (household chores, caretaking, subsistence production and voluntary work) (5th visit);
  • Child and Teen Labor (5th visit); and
  • Income from other sources (1st and 5th visits).