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POF - Consumer Expenditure Survey

About - Nutritional Analysis of Household Food Availability in Brazil

The Consumer Expenditure Survey (POF) 2008-2009 was aimed at providing information on the composition of household expenditure, based on the investigation of consumption habits, expense allocation and income distribution, according to the characteristics of households and people. POF also investigated self-perception of quality of life and characteristics of the nutritional profile of the Brazilian population.

Still releasing the survey information, IBGE presents results related to the nutritional status of the Brazilian population determined according to food availability for household consumption. The used indicators focused on the nutritional peculiarities of the group of food items available at households and their respective suitability. They followed recommendations on the theme formulated by national and international bodies recognizably competent in the areas of food and nutrition. The survey was carried out in partnership with the Ministry of Health. For result analysis, IBGE counted on technicians of the partner body and with experts in nutrition contacted by that Ministry. For some approaches, comparisons with previous surveys stand out. Information is released for Brazil and Major Regions, by urban and rural situation, and also by income groups. For Federation Units, results were presented at total level; for capital municipalities, at urban level.