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PIEEF - Survey of Innovation in Federal State-Run Companies | 2008


The Survey of Innovation in Federal State-Run Companies is conducted by IBGE with the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology and of the Department of Coordination and Governance of the Federal State-run Companies (DEST), which belongs to the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Administration. It has the purpose of providing information for the elaboration of indicators concerning the innovation activities in the sector and comparing them with the results previously published in the Survey of Technological Innovation – 2008 PINTEC –, taking the 2006-2008 period as reference. That is the first survey of IBGE to investigate the federal state-run companies and, consequently, some sectors of economic activities not encompassed by the four previous editions of the PINTEC: electricity and gas; construction; trade; transportation, storage and mail; insurance, financial and related services activities; real estate activities; technical, scientific and professional activities; administrative activities and complementary services; and other services activities.

This publications tackles the effort invested in product and process innovation; the impact of innovations in companies performance and competitiveness; information sources and cooperation relations established with other organizations; government support for innovative activities; problems and obstacles for the implementation of innovation; organizational and marketing innovation; among other aspects.

The publication also brings technical notes on methodology, with conceptual references and procedures identical to those adopted in PINTEC, analysis of aggregated results and a glossary with the concepts of the variables shown in the tables. The CD-ROM reproduces the printed volume and contains complete tables of the survey and tables from the publication of the 2008 PINTEC results.

The results herein are also available at IBGE's website. They contribute to enlarge the understanding of the innovation processes in Brazilian companies.