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Survey on the Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Enterprises | 2010


The ICT-Enterprise is a survey carried out to find out information for the construction of national indicators on the Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Enterprises. Its results make it possible to get to know about aspects such as infrastructure for access and use of ICT, information on the use or not of computers and the Internet, besides some topics related ot security and ICT skills of the employed persons in the enterprises.

The survey is carried out through telephone calls, made by the Center for Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviews (CETAC). On some especial occasions, there is the support of the collection network of the IBGE comprising the several State Branches of the Institution. The answers can be given by employees in the area of Information and Communication Technology in the Enterprises or tbu the enterprise owner.

The indicators produced by this survey can be use in the design public policies by the government and for defining investment strategies and human resource qualification as well.

Information secrecy is guaranteed by law and is part of the international principles of official statistics that rule all the works carried out in the  IBGE.