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PNSB - National Survey of Basic Sanitation


The National Survey of Basic Sanitation is mainly intended to investigate the conditions of basic sanitation services in the country, considering municipal governments and companies hired to render this kind of service in the 5565 municipalities existing on the survey reference date. This investigation, of national coverage, aims not only at the evaluation of the supply and quality of services rendered but also intends to analyze environmental conditions and their direct impact on the Brazilian population’s health and quality of life.

With the release of this publication, IBGE provides the public with the results of the survey conducted in 2008, in partnership with the Ministry of the Cities, at a moment when the issue of basic sanitation has gained prominence after the promulgation of Law no 11445, of January 5, 2007, which establishes the regulatory frameworks of this sector in terms of four components: water supply, sewage disposal, management of solid residue and rainwater management.

The results now presented focus on issues such as water obtainment, quality management and supply through the public system, including alternative forms of supply to populations; extension of sewage disposal systems and aspects of disposal; spots for dumping and extension of urban drainage systems; flood and erosion aggravating factors in municipalities; volume, frequency of collection and final destination of garbage, encompassing the collection of special solid residue, among other relevant pieces of information. These results are available for the country, Major Regions and Federation Units and encompass all the topics covered by the previous survey, conducted in 200, besides another previously unseen one – municipal management of basic sanitation – also investigated in all municipal governmental units.

The publication includes technical notes about the survey, as well as a glossary with the terms and concepts considered essential to the understanding of results. The CD-ROM which comes enclosed with the publication contains all the information in the printed volume, besides the thematic questionnaires applied.

The microdata of the National Survey of Basic Sanitation are available on the IBGE portal, on the Statistical Multidimensional Bank – BME, which provides the public with tools aimed at the search, recovery and combination of statistical information, in a thoroughly disaggregated way.

This group of information reflects the different realities of the country, at the same time it allows the identification of needs existing in Brazilian municipalities, with reference to basic sanitation. It contributes to the adoption of methods, techniques and processes aimed at the improvement of quality of life of populations, according to local and regional characteristics.