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Survey of Sports | 2003


As a sequence to the release of data relative to the sports activity in the country which are under the responsibility of the government, IBGE, in partnership with the Ministry of Sports, presents, in this publication, the main results of the Survey of Sports – State Government – based on information obtained from the sports secretariats in Brazilian states and in the Federal District. The survey results now released encompass some of the main topics investigated in it and present information about the persons employed in sports management, agreements and other types of partnerships established by the state government and related to the development pf measures, projects and programs focused on sports, besides sports facilities and equipment existing and yet to come, privately owned or belonging to the state. The analysis of results, illustrated with graphs, highlights the most relevant aspects of each one of the topics selected for this publication and summarizes the general scenario of sports activities in the realm of state public administration, or with its participation. The publication also includes technical notes about the survey and a glossary with the concepts considered essential to the understanding of its results. The CD-ROM enclosed with the publication brings, besides the information presented in the printed volume, the database of the survey with all the results for each one of the Federative Units. These data are also available on the IBGE website. The results for the Survey of Sports – State Government, aggregated to those obtained by the Sports Supplement of the Survey of basic Municipal Information and already released in the publication Profile of Brazilian Municipalities: Sports - 2003, contribute to the construction of a statistical information system concerning sports activities in the country, providing, this way, important material for the planning, creation and implementation of public policies aimed at a broader coverage of the sports segment.