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MUNIC - Survey of Basic Municipal Information


The Municipal Basic Information Survey - MUNIC presents, at regular intervals, detailed information on the structure, dynamics and operations of public municipal institutions through their different sectors, having the municipality as the investigation unit and the city hall as the major informant.

MUNIC began in 1999, involving all the municipalities in Brazil. The themes and issues of the basic questionnaire are regularly raised and aim at addressing the information needs of the society and of the Brazilian State. They will consolidate an up-to-date statistical and register database that provides a relevant set of indicators to assess and follow up the institutional and administrative boards of the municipalities. In a permanent effort to update the survey, MUNIC usually brings a supplement that includes specific subjects in a more detailed way. As of 2005, the block on the basic characteristics of the managers of the basic questionnaire began to be investigated at each 4-year period, always in the initial years of the administrations elected in the previous year.

The survey provides assorted information on the public municipal management, including the legislation and existing planning instruments in this administration sphere, especially those established in the Statute of the Cities and that, together with the master plan, aim at regulating the use and occupation of the urban soil; organization of the city halls; staff by employment relationship, both in the direct and indirect administration; financial resources used by management;  and public sectoral policies in the areas surveyed (housing, transportation, agriculture, environment, etc.), among other aspects.

The periodicity of the survey is annual. The geographic coverage is national, with results released for Brazil, Major Regions and Municipalities. It should be highlighted that two Brazilian districts are treated by MUNIC as municipalities: the Federal District, headquarter of the federal administration, being Brasília the federal capital; and the State District of Fernando de Noronha, an archipelago located in the State of Pernambuco. In both cases, informants of the local administration answer the basic questionnaire.