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PAS - Annual Survey of Services


The Annual Survey of Services - PAS  investigates the basic structural characteristics of non-financial services sector in the country. The surveyed unit is the formally-established industrial enterprise, that is, one that is registered in the National Registry of Legal Entities (CNPJ) of the Department of Federal Revenue, whose main revenue comes from non-financial services.

The Annual Survey of Service - PAS started in 1998, with the purpose of providing the necessary data for the structural characterization of the of the non-financial services business sector in the country, except for Health and Education. As of 1996, with the Economic Statistics Modernization Program, the survey implemented a new production model of  industrial, commercial and services statistics, where the quinquennial economic censuses were replaced by a sample-based annual surveys, which adopted the National Classification of Economic Activities - CNAE whose basic register comes from the Central Register of Enterprises - CEMPRE,  regularly updated. From 2008 on, presenting results retroactive to 2007, the IBGE started to release a new data series for PAS, with the CNAE 2.0 replacing the formerly used CNAE 1.0. At present, the survey investigates enterprises in the following sectors, consisting of class groups from CNAE 2.0: Services rendered mainly to families; Information and communication services; Professional, administrative and complementary services; Transportation, support activities for transportation and mailing; Real estate activities, Maintenance and repair services; and Other service activities.

The survey gathers many economic and financial information: gross and net revenue; number of enterprises; employed persons; employee expenditure; financial, operational and non-operational costs; acquisition and retirement of fixed assets, among other aspects.

The survey is conducted on an annual basis. It covers the national territory, with results released for Brazil, Major Regions, Federation Units and Municipalities.