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The Annual Survey of Services - PAS surveys economic financial data to portray in details the services sector. It annually investigates enterprises that work in the following sectors of non-financial business services: services rendered mainly to families; communication and information services; professional, administrative and complementary services; transportation, support services fro transportation and mailing; real estate activities; and, maintenance and repair services, among other services.

Its results can be used for the planning and design of public policies. In addition, they are important information for the private sector for academic researchers and the general audience. Moreover, it generates information for the National Accounts. Its results can also be used for business representing entities and specialized advisory, for instance, to the understanding of the behavior of services activities in the Country.

The first contact with the enterprises is done face to face or by phone, by IBGE technicians that inform about the selection of the enterprise to answer the survey. Then, an email with the IBGE portal link is sent so the informant can download the questionnaire to be filled in. It is also possible to choose to receive the electronic questionnaire on CD-ROM. The companies fill in the questionnaire and send them back through the program downloaded from the IBGE portal, with no need to contact the survey technicians.

On some occasions, when the company has difficulties filling in the electronic questionnaire, IBGE technicians can offer some guidance.

The confidentiality of the information provided is guaranteed by law and is part of the international principles of official statistics that underpin all the works carried out by the IBGE.