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PSH - Survey of Accommodation Services


The Survey of Accommodation Services is conducted by IBGE in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism. It has the purpose of portraying the accommodation capacity of the country by identifying the types and categories of the accommodation establishments and measuring the number of accommodation units and beds, proving this way an updated picture of the accommodation capacity available in the country.

The first set pf infomration, for Capitals' Municipalities, was just presented in the IBGE web site on the Internet.

This publication presents the results of the capital municipalities and commentaries, which shed light to the spacial distribution of accommodation establishments according to their category and size. Establishments are analyzed in accordance with the National Classification of Economic Activities (CNAE 2.0). The publication also includes technical notes and a glossary.

Information about other Municipalities, in Capital Metroplitan Areas and Development Integrated Regions, will be released in the second phase of the publication.

The statitics of accommodation services are strategic for public and private planning, especially at time when the country prepares for hosting big international sports events.