Survey of Publicity and Promotion Services - PSPP | 2009

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The Survey of Publicity and Promotion Services, conducted by IBGE in 2009, in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies – ABAP had the objectives of measuring the main services offered by advertising companies with 10 or more employed persons. It encompassed the following activities: advertising agencies; negotiation of advertising space, except in vehicles of communication; unspecified publicity activities; activities related to the organization of events, except cultural and sports ones; performing arts, shows and complementary activities; and unspecified sports activities. Having been constructed to correlate the gross revenue of companies to the services sold to the advertising market, the survey provides information about how these two elements contribute, in relative figures, to the development of the sector as a whole, and about the iportant role played by the aforementioned activities in the marketing business.

Besides measuring the main products generated by publicity and promotion services and presenting an updated chart showing the supply-oriented potential of this market, the survey brings relevant data about them, consequently adding to the construction of a National Classification of Products for the services sector, currently in progress at IBGE.

This group of statistics provides important information for the understanding of the publicity and promotion sector in Brazil. It allows representatives of private institutions to deepen their market analyses, to know in more detail the characteristics of the services offered and the main types of campaigns and economic sectors the advertising companies work with. It provides representatives of public institutions with material for the development of policies aimed at the improvement of this ever evolving sector.