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SCNT - System of Quarterly National Accounts


It presents the current values and the quarterly volume indexes (1995=100) for the Gross Domestic Product at market prices, excise tax, value added at basic prices, personal consumption, government consumption, gross fixed capital formation, stock change, exports and imports of goods and services. Two series of index numbers are calculated: based on the previous year and linked with reference to 2010 (1995 = 100). The linked series is adjusted seasonally by X13-ARIMA making it possible to calculate the change rates in relation to the immediately previous quarter.

In the IBGE, the survey was started in 1988 and restructured since 1998, when its current results were integrated to the System of National Accounts, of annual periodicity.

Maintaining the compatibility with the Annual System, the Quarterly National Accounts were also reformulated in 2015, adopting the SNA 2008 International Manual and changing to reference 2010.

The annual weights are obtained through this new system of accounts.