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SCN - System of National Accounts


The System of National Accounts presents information about the generation, distribution and use of income in Brazil. It also contains data about the accumulation of non-financial assets, financial assets and about the relationship between national economy and the rest of the world. With the release of this publication, the IBGE brings into view the System of National Accounts - reference 2010, including data related to 2014 and, on an exceptional basis, the review of some results of the series from 2010 to 2013, whose changes, due to methodological adjustments among other factors, are detailed in a specific topic.

The Supply and Use Table presents the results at current prices and at prices in effect in the previous year. It shows the flows of supply and demand of goods and services and also the generation of income and employment in each economic activity. The Integrated Economic Accounts, in the core of the system, provide and overall view of the economy, describing the essential phenomena for each institutional sector – production, consumption, accumulation and assets – and their interrelations in the period of time considered. The synoptic tables gather the main variables calculated in the System of National Accounts and allow the identification, for each year, of the Gross Domestic Product - GDP; composition of aggregated supply and demand; generation, distribution and use of the national income; accumulation of capital; net lending or borrowing; current transactions with the rest of the world; per capita income; evolution of the tax burden; disaggregation of non-financial enterprises per origin of capital, private and public; and the disaggregation of the public and private sectors, for some aggregates, among other information of the Brazilian economy.

This publication also highlights the time series of the GDP growth rates for the 1951-2014 period. At the end, a glossary registers the terms and concepts considered relevant.

The information on the System of National Accounts - reference 2010 series is presented according to a new classification of products and activities, integrated with the National Classification of Economic Activities - CNAE 2.0.

All these results, including the complete series of the SNA since 2000, is available at the IBGE web portal. The web portal also provides information on the methodological criteria adopted in the new series, produced in accordance with the System of National Accounts 2008 - SNA 2008 manual, reflecting the commitment of the IBGE with the periodic reviews of the System of National Accounts as determined by the international recommendations.