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SCR - System of Regional Accounts


The System of Regional Accounts – SCR provides estimates of the Gross Domestic Product – GDP of each Federation Unit, from the perspective of production and income, that are consistent and comparable to each other, and compatible with the results of the System of National Accounts – SCN.

The work program for the creation of an Account System by Federation Unit, developed by the IBGE in partnership with State Statistical Bodies, State Government Departments and the Superintendence of the Manaus Free Trade Zone – SUFRAMA, aims at meeting the demand for regionalized information. This project started in 1996 and was consolidated in 1999, with the results released for the period from 1985 to 1997, with 1985 – last year of the Economic Censuses – being the initial reference year of the series. In 2007, the first version of the regional series was revised, with 2002 as the reference year. Due to the Federation Units particularities, it was decided that the System of Regional Accounts, in its first phase, would be restricted to the design of the production account of the main economic activities, in accordance with the SCN methodology, presenting information regarding the regional income creation process, whose summary value is expressed by the GDP. In this way, the GDP by Federation Unit was estimated, initially, only from the perspective of production. In 2015, a new revision of the regional series was done, with its methodology and database compatible with the System of National Accounts – reference 2010, that is, the System of Regional Accounts – SCR is in accordance with the international recommendations expressed in the manual System of National Accounts 2008 - SNA 2008, and its results are presented according to the  products and activities classification  integrated with the National Classification of Economic Activities – CNAE 2.0. In this review, the regional series also started to include the income perspective in the GDP calculation.

The SCR provides GDP data from the perspective of production (series retropolated until 2002) and income for the 2010-2015 series. The production perspective shows the result of the production process, less the intermediate consumption, whose balance, gross value added by economic activity, plus taxes, net of subsidies, on products results in the GDP. On the other hand, the income perspective shows the GDP as a result of the sum of the remuneration of production factors, that is, compensation of the employed persons, plus the gross mixed income, plus gross operating surplus, plus the total taxes, net of subsidies, on the production and imports.

It is an annual survey, and its geographic coverage is national, with results released for Brazil, Major Regions and Federation Units.