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Characterization of the Productive Sector of Flowers and Ornamental Plants in Brazil | 1995-1996


The beauty of the Brazilian flora, the relative low cost of its production, the climate diversity and the strategic position of the country in relation to the international market constitute success factors in the business of the productive sector of flowers and ornamental plants, whose potentialities, still not totally explored, are object of analysis in this survey carried out based on the collection of information from the Agriculture Census 1995-1996.

The results presented herein emphasize the establishments which declared the production of flowers and ornamental plants at the time of the survey as the main activity, according to the land ownership, total area, situation of the producer, revenues, expenditures, labor, inputs and technologies used in the activity, investments, among other indicators of the level of modernity and specialization of the Brazilian floriculture. They also highlight the great potential of growth of the participation of the sector in international business, in relation to other producer countries. The publication also includes the methodology used in the elaboration of analysis and a glossary with the concepts considered relevant to understand the results.

The set of this information provides a great characterization of this agribusiness in Brazil, thus contributing to the knowledge of its social and economical potential and the elaboration of policies and programs aimed at its development.