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POG - Hen Egg Production


The survey provides indicators of the change of the physical production of hen eggs, having as collection unit the agricultural establishments that produce hen eggs, regardless of their purpose, and with housing capacity of 10 000 or more laying and/or breeding hens.

The survey of Hen Egg Production - POG began in the first quarter of 1984, with monthly information referring to 1983. In addition to the establishments included in the basic register, formed by establishments that, according to the  1980 Census of Agriculture, had 10 000 or more poultry head (chickens, roosters, chickens, chickens and chickens) and produced eggs for any purposes, all other agricultural establishments with cattle above this limit were also investigated. Over time, there were changes, both in the monitoring periodicity of the data, which became quarterly, and in the research panel of the survey, which, starting in 2012, began to consider establishments with a housing capacity of 10,000 or more laying and breeding hens, even if at some point they do not have this quantity of animals housed, regardless of the production purpose (consumption or incubation). More recently, in 2013, the on-line questionnaire was introduced, and the informant was given the option of data completion on the Internet.

The survey investigates information on the amount of hen eggs produced; poultry inventory (hens, roosters, pullets, chickens and chicks); total laying and breeding hens, including laying pullets; and code-causes that justify the possible oscillations of production. However, only the amount of chicken eggs produced, the number of laying hens and the number of informants in the survey are disclosed. The variable "poultry" is used only for the editing and measurement of the data quality, making simpler the estimation of the Municipal Livestock Survey - PPM.

The survey is carried out quarterly, and for each quarter of the calendar year the data are broken down month by month. Its geographic coverage is national, being conditioned to a systematically updated panel, with inclusions and exclusions of establishments due to the dynamics of this productive activity. The results are disclosed, preliminarily, to Brazil and Federation Units, with a gap of one quarter between the data collection and its disclosure. The aggregate results of the reference year are released when the results of the last quarter of the year are put out. It should be noted that the data are not definitive, and may undergo changes until the results of the first quarter of the year after the survey's reference year are disclosed.

Meeting users' demands for a sooner access to livestock information, from the first quarter of 2018 on, the First Results of the Quarterly Survey of Hen Egg Production for the Brazil level have become available. They are disclosed right after the end of the reference quarter, about a month before the general disclosure.