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IBGE releases today 2018 version of Continuous Cartographic Bases of States of Rio de Janeiro, in 1:25,000 scale, and Espírito Santo, in 1:100,000 scale, In Structuring of Vector Geospatial Data - ET-EDGV 3.0

Released by the IBGE in 2018, BC25_RJ and BC100_ES aimed at providing the society with a digital mapping, in the form of a continuous cartographic base for each state. Available in free formats (Shape File, GeoPackage and dump of the PostGis database) to be used in Geographic Information Systems, the 2018 versions were implemented according to the Technical Specifications for Structuring Vector Geospatial Data, version 2.1.3 (ET_EDGV v.2.1.3).
BC25_RJ version 2018
BC100_ES version 2018

The new release corresponds to a representation of the content mapped in 2018, with punctual amendments made since then - both of vectors and attributes -, though using an updated version of modeling, ET_EDGV v.3.0, maintaining the correspondence with current standards and norms of the Brazilian National Spatial Data Infrastructure (INDE), as well as with the modeling of the other cartographic bases released by the IBGE. More information on ET_EDGV v3.0:

The bases released today are available by means of geo-services through the Interactive Geographic Platform, as well as through the IBGE portal:
BC25_RJ version 2018_edgv3.0
BC100_ES version 2018_edgv3.0

The 2018 versions of BC25_RJ and BC100_ES can also be accessed through the INDE geo-portal and their metadata can be accessed in the IBGE Metadata Catalogue.

Directorate of Geosciences
June 22, 2023


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