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2020 Population Census - Training - Public consultation no. 01/2018 for corporate education solution

In order to strengthen the learning of specific contents related to the 2020 Population Census, Public Consultation no. 01/2018 was published in section 3 of the Official Gazette of September 19, 2018 aiming at knowing corporate education solutions practiced by the market and their respective specifications, focusing on the educational aspect, i.e., the didactic treatment provided to the instructional resources casually indicated.

The specification of the solution should consider the significant amount of persons involved, the profile of each group of the target audiences, as well as the short time available to train the census agents hired. Click here to obtain general information on the training of the census operation.

As an additional information, the following link of the IBGE Library describes the major training instrument used in the 2010 Population Census:
2010 Population Census: Enumerator´s Manual CD 1.09

The solution indications and their specifications, as well as doubts, should be sent to the email between September 19 and September 26, 2018.


Operational Coordination of the Censuses
Training Department

September 19, 2018

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