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Release of Statistics of Agricultural Production

As of February 2018, the IBGE ends the release of the LSPA periodic report, still including the January results: Systematic Survey of Agricultural Production: Monthly Survey of Forecast and Monitoring of the Agricultural Harvests in the Calendar Year. This information will be released and monitored only in the IBGE Indicators: Statistics of the Agricultural Production periodic report, also published on a monthly basis.

On January 8, 2018, the IBGE announced a change in the list of the LSPA products. See here.

The difference between the two publications was the list of products under analysis: only the major products were included in the IBGE Indicators, whereas all the 36 products were released in the LSPA. By reviewing and reducing the list of agricultural products this month, the two publications need not to be released.

The products that dropped from the LSPA remain under investigation of the Coordination Groups of Agricultural Statistics - GCEAs, coordinated by the IBGE in each State Unit, as well as remain regularly published in the Municipal Agricultural Production: Temporary and Permanent Crops periodic report, released on an annual basis.

Directorate of Surveys
February 8, 2018

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