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The Superintendence of the Free Zone of Manaus (SUFRAMA), a federal autarchy subordinate to the Ministry of Development, Industry, Trade and Services, was created by Decree-Law no. 288, of February 28, 1967, to manage the area of operation and the provision of services related to the Free Zone of Manaus (ZFM). Before its creation, the Free Zone of Manaus was managed by a superintendent, supported by an Advisory Board comprising five members appointed by the President of the Republic, as established by Decree no. 47,757, of February 3, 1960, which regulated Law no. 3,173 of 1957, sanctioned by President Juscelino Kubitschek and creating the Free Zone of Manaus.

With the promulgation of Laws no. 8,256 and 8,387 in 1991, SUFRAMA had its attributions enhanced. The first one created the Area of Free Trade of Boa Vista (RR) and Bonfim (RR), whereas the second one created the Area of Free Trade of Macapá (AP) and Santana (AP). Since then, SUFRAMA became the office responsible for the administration of new economic activities in the Western Amazon and in the state of Amapá, especially the Areas of Free Trade (ALCs), extrapolating its original attributions of an office responsible for the administration of the ZFM.


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Perguntas frequentes

Is the IBGE responsible for demarcating SUFRAMA´s Municipalities?
No. The localization and coverage of the Free Zone of Manaus and other areas managed by SUFRAMA are established by legal provisions under the responsibility of the National Congress. In addition to the Free Zone of Manaus, SUFRAMA manages six Free Trade Zones and four Regional Coordinations in the States of Western Amazon.

Why the IBGE lists municipalities that have tax and extra-tax benefits under the responsibility of SUFRAMA as a geographic division?
The IBGE aims at releasing geographic divisions relevant to the dissemination of statistics and for public and private planning and investment.

How frequently are the divisions related to areas under SUFRAMA´s management updated?
As they are divisions established by a specific legislation, geographic divisions of Municipalities under SUFRAMA´s management are only updated whenever their correspondent legislation is updated. On an annual basis, the IBGE will update the borders and nomenclatures of the Territorial Division of Brazil, as well as incorporate the changes established by normative and legal instruments that deal with those divisions.

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