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Coastal Municipalities | 2021


Coastal Municipalities refer to the terrestrial part of the Brazilian Coastal Zone, which consists of the geographic space of interaction of air, sea and land, including their resources, either renewable or not, comprising a maritime and a terrestrial zone (Law no. 7,661, of May 16, 1988). The Coastal Municipalities are directly influenced by phenomena that take place in the Coastal Zone and, for their identification, criteria established in Decree no. 5,300, of December 7, 2004, were used.

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IBGE releases updating of legal territorial divisions of Brazil

The IBGE releases today (14) an updating of the legal territorial divisions of Brazil. Altogether, they...


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Perguntas frequentes

Is the IBGE responsible for the delimitation of Coastal Municipalities ?
No. The delimitation of Coastal Municipalities is an attribution of the Ministry of the Environment – MMA. The IBGE is only responsible for defining the Municipalities Facing the Sea as stated in Decree No. 5,300 of December 7, 2004.

Why does IBGE make the Coastal Municipalities available as a geographic section?
O IBGE busca disponibilizar os recortes geográficos que têm relevância para a divulgação de estatísticas e para o planejamento e investimento públicos e privados.

How often are Coastal Municipalities updated?
The geographic scope of the Coastal Municipalities, as it is a legal scope, will only have its delimitation updated when there is an update of the legislation or regulations of these sections. On an annual basis, the IBGE updates borders and names of the Territorial Division of Brazil, incorporating changes made through  normative and legal frameworks that provide for the section in question.

What is the difference between Coastal Municipalities and Municipalities facing the sea?
The Municipalities Facing the Sea are inside the Coastal Municipalities, according to item I of Art. 4 of Decree No. 5,300 of December 7, 2004. Furthermore, the listing of the Coastal Municipalities is a duty of the Ministry of the Environment, while the Municipalities facing the sea are listed by the IBGE.

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