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Evolution of the Brazilian Territorial Division | 2010


The Evolution of the Brazilian Territorial Division is a study that provides key information about the Brazilian Federation geography and history by means of political maps that cover a long period of time, since 1872 (year of the first enumeration) to the latest demographic census conducted by the IBGE. The territorial mapping evolution encompasses analytical texts that contextualize the historical process of rearrangement of the national political map that was connected, in the past, to Brazilian history itself as a Portuguese Empire colony; it also includes the new maps, which have been designed by adjustments occurred in the legal framework of Brazilian Federation in state and municipal level over the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Changes in the state and municipal borders are the evidence of many modifications that happened in the Brazilian Republic federative pact, which impacted on the subdivision of the territory between its political and administrative spheres, continually reconfiguring the political map of the country.