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Transportation Logistics


The Transportation Logistics in Brazil map aims at showing the major transportation structures in Brazil, like highways, railroads, waterways, airports and ports, as well as other equipment associated with the logistics of cargo and passenger transportation in Brazil, like warehouses, inland customs stations (called dry docks), frontier points, public airfields and waterway terminals.


About the publication - 2014

The wall map Transportation Infrastructure in Brazil shows the main transportation structures in Brazil, in the 1: 5,000,000 scale. It comes with an explanatory text presenting the methodological standards of the publication and briefly describes the network of the country's transportation infrastructure. 

The map allows an integrated view of the different modes offered by the Brazilian transportation structure, with information of the locational analysis of the movement of cargo, goods and people from one point to another in the country.

The work has as main data sources the database of the Transportation Information and Maps of the National Transport Logistics Plan (BIT-PNLT) - Ministry of Transportation. In addition to this database, data from the National Waterway Transportation Agency (ANTAQ), the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), the National Department of Transportation Infrastructure (DNIT) and INFRAERO were used. In addition to these databases, the cartographic bases of the IBGE and BIT–PNLT were used. The map presentation scale was decisive for the selection of the elements to be presented. Thus, some locations, highways and other elements might be absent because their representation is not feasible.


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What is Transportation Logistics?
Transportation Logistics aims at presenting the main transportation structures in the country, as highways, railways, waterways, airports and ports, as well as equipement associated to the logistics of cargo and  passenger transportation in the country, such as warehouses, inland customs stations (called dry ports), border posts, public aerodromes and waterway terminals.

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