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Maps for Statistical Purposes


Maps for Statistical Purposes are those conceived for the conduction of IBGE surveys, that is, they are used as cartographic support to field operations. The maps are available for the following geographic strata: municipality, urban areas and enumeration area, according to what is necessary in each census operation.

Example of an Enumeration Area Map (in Portuguese)

This is a representation of an intramunicipal Political Administrative Division (with districts and subdistricts), intermunicipal and interstate boundaries, enumeration area borders, planimetric and altimetric elements and hydrography. The area maps also present descriptions of their boundaries, with information on the territory structures that enumeraton area belongs to.Formação do código de setor censitário

As each census operation takes place the corresponding maps are released. The one currently available are maps used for the Census of Agriculture and Population Count 2007, 2010 Population Census and those relative to population estimates.