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Energy Logistics


The study of Energy logistics describes and characterizes the spatial distribution of the National Energy System, emphasizing the understanding of the territory , through the geographic analysis of structures that compose the creation, production, dissemination and distribution of energy inputs.

About the publication - 2015

The publication 2015 Energy Logistics apporaches the issue of territorial networks and flows from the integration of the two major axes of production and distribution of energy in the country: on the one hand, fuels, as petroleum derivatives, biofues and gas, and, on the other hand, electricity in its various production methods. External sources were used: the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels - ANP, the National Agency of Electric Energy - ANEEL and the Ministry of Mines and Energy, in electricity regulatory agencies in the States, besides IBGE information related to the production of raw materials associated with bioenergy. The analysis, abundantly illustrated with tables, graphs, and maps, is organized into two major sections - the first focused on oil, gas, and biofuels, covering aspects of production, transportation, storage, distribution, resale, and consumption; and the second focused on the generation and transmission of electricity.

The publication includes a 1: 5,000,000 synthetic wall map with the location and distribution of the country's major energy systems. The map has two major themes, oil and natural gas logistics and electricity logistics, and for each one, there is information on  the most important generation and distribution infrastructure points, as well as tables and graphs on energy supply and consumption.

More on the product - 2015


Energy Logistics: 2015


2015 Energy Logistics

Database and tables

Municipal database: comprises the survey's data related to the municipalities taken individually.

Non-standardized database: comprises the survey's data that cannot be attributed to municipalities, as for example the set of oil plataforms, or occurr in a multiple way in the municipalities, as oil fields individually listed. This database also comprises information about network connections, involving municipalities in pairs.




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