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Macrocharacterization of Natural Resources in Brazil


It presents a spatially-integrated view of the natural environment in Brazil, covering the topics geology, geomorphology, pedology and vegetation, by means of maps, descriptions, photos, pictures, images, diagrams and schemes structures, besides covering statistics about the spatial distribution of the elements described. 

About the publication - Structural Sub-provinces

In this new volume, third in the Macro-characterization of Brazilian Natural Resources collection, the Geology subject presents what can be considered a complement to the first volume, which is the subdivision of the structural provinces into sub-units, or tectonic domains, called structural sub-provinces. As a result, 97 sub-provinces in the 14 provinces adopted in the first volume, released in 2019, are identified, characterized and discussed.

The compartmentalization into provinces and structural sub-provinces aims at spatially representing the major geo-tectonic events already identified with the sub-provinces in the National Territory, grouping the litho-stratigraphic units directly involved in their formation, or deformation, and geo-dynamic transformation. Such events are directly related to internal dynamics of Earth, more precisely to the movement/interaction of the lithosphere fragments known as tectonic plates, to the resulting formation and/or agglutination of continents, as well as to the opening and/or closure of oceans and continental sedimentary basins over the last 4.5 billion years of the geological history of the planet.


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