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Environmental Information Database | BDiA - web (en)

About the publication - BDiA - web (en)

The Environmental Information Database (BDiA) is a system of environmental information for Brazil, publicly available on the web, that gathers the whole set of thematic bases of the mapping of natural resources in Brazil in the Geology, Geomorphology, Pedology and Vegetation themes, produced by the IBGE along the last two decades. This platform aims at sharing this collection of geo-spatial information, in a multi-scale and inter-thematic format, so as users get to know the environmental characteristics of the Brazilian territory. 

The databases included in the BDiA, compatible with the 1:250,000 scale, were developed under the scope of SIVAM and Natural Resources Mapping projects from 1998 onwards. The methodologies and procedures used to develop these databases are an evolution of the methods developed along the RADAM/RADAMBRASIL Project, which surveyed the Brazilian non-marine natural resources in the 1:1,000,000 scale in the 1970s and 1980s. In the BDiA, users are able to browse through different themes, viewing their delimitations, classifications and statistics, as well as to carry out spatial queries by state, municipality, biome and mapping unit and to export the spatial analyses, either in graphic (mapping) or numeric terms (tabular) from a number of territorial divisions.

The platform includes an experimental module that allows to query and match environmental information in the Statistical Grid, which encompasses, beyond the thematic mapping already mentioned, the geo-spatial data of the Monitoring of Land Use and Cover and other integrated environmental studies, as well as to download the information in several formats.

The data in this information system is updated every two years, based on constant revisions in the thematic mappings of natural resources, as well as on the incorporation of new environmental geo-spatial products.