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Geographic School Atlas

About the publication - 2023 - 9th Edition

In this new edition of the School Atlas, the IBGE presents a wide variety of updated geographic, statistical and cartographic information about Brazil and the world. With this release, the Institutions reinforces institutional commitment with the ongoing improvement of products and services that can be employed as teaching/learning support tools to portray the reality around us, in its multiple dimensions.

A vast assortment of physical, political-administrative and thematic maps, enriched with instructive and analytical texts, and with image resources, facilitate understanding of the current political and social context of the societies portrayed. For this purpose, the Atlas encompasses a combination of topics – aspects of the lithosphere, climate, vegetation, land use, territorial division, population dynamics and structure, demographic characteristics, social indicators, economy and networks, besides the environmental diversity of Brazil and selected aspects of about 200 countries.

One of the main innovations in this edition is the Atlas page, available on the IBGE website, where one can download the printed version of the publication, access maps and interactive graphs, find additional content and search information by topic and key words.

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What is the Geographic School Atlas?

The Geographic School Atlas brings together in the same volume the production of geographic, cartographic, and statistical information, especially aimed at students, providing a set of information that is indispensable for the study and analysis of the political, environmental and economic dimensions of Brazil and other countries. It is also expected to arouse interest of young audiences in the comprehension of our reality and of other diverse and dynamic realities that form the sociopolitical and economic scenario of the world nowadays. The publication considers the Ministry of Education guidelines, as it enables students to observe, get to know, understand and explore the characteristics of the place where they live as well as of landscapes and distant geographical spaces.

What is the target audience of the Geographic School Atlas?

The Atlas is aimed at elementary and high school students.

Where can I get the Geographic School Atlas?

It is available for free download in our library and at the IBGE’s store. You can also, buy the Geographic School Atlas at the IBGE's store. 

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