Cartographic enhancement of Map of Structural Subprovinces

Responsável: Coordenação de Recursos Naturais e Estudos Ambientais
Agrupador Erramos: Macrocharacterization of Natural Resources in Brazil
Data: 2020-07-27 17:40

Some cartographic elements in the map needed adjustments, for instance, the map labels, legends and the delimitation of the maritime boundaries.

Actions: Previously in Brazilian Portuguese, the names of the countries are now spelled in their original language; New position and curved style lettering for label text  that says  'Oceano Atlântico' (Atlantic Ocean) following the sea lines; Label adjustment for 'Limite Estadual' (State limit) which was just 'Estadual' (State) before; Amendment of the class labels for the Group of 'Subprovinces of the Coastal Province and Continental Shore' which were duplicated; Insertion of lateral limits for maritime boundaries.