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CGCE - Classification by Major Economic Categories


The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics - IBGE presents the first version of the Classification by Major Economic Categories – CMEC-IBGE, jointly created by the Coordination of Classifications and Economic Statistics and the Coordinations of Indsutry - COIND and National Accounts - CONAC, with the contribution of the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade – MDIC.

This classification is an alternative aggregation of the statistical information on industrial goods, either for analysis or summary publication of primary statistics.

CMEC-IBGE has correspondence with the Classification by Broad Economic Categories in Terms of the Standard International Trade Classification – BEC, of the Statistics Division of the United Nations.

The objective of this first version is to summarily represent the major economic categories, either on the Industrial Statistics or on the National Accounts. Although complying with BEC, the hierarchical levels established in this document were developed by aggregating the items that describe industrial products manufactured in Brazil. Such items match the categories described and coded in the List of Products of Industry – PRODLIST-Industry used in the regular works of analysis and summary at the IBGE.