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Redesign of the IBGE´s Agricultural Surveys



The world economic crisis that took place in 2008 affected the most the developing economies. The important economic role performed by the agricultural activities in these economies highlighted the need for agricultural statistics of quality, aiming at the development of public policies to face the crisis. Beyond quality, it was perceived that the existing statistics were not widely available. As a result, the United Nations Statistical Commission - UNSC created a workgroup, under the coordination of Brazil and led by the President of the IBGE, to discuss and improve a draft document produced by the World Bank and FAO. After discussions in meetings and seminars with experts in agricultural statistics from a number of countries in 2008 and 2009, the revised document became the "Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics", approved by the UNSC in 2010.

Aiming at this guideline and at addressing the national demands previously detected, the IBGE, as the coordinator of the National Statistical System, takes initiatives to improve the Brazilian agricultural statistics and foster the redesign of its agricultural surveys.

The redesign involves the revision of the current continuous surveys, under the responsibility of the Coordination of Agriculture, as well as the implementation of new surveys to suitably portray and follow up the Brazilian agriculture. The redesign process will implement a new national system of agricultural statistics.

In addition to the quality requirements for the production of statistics, like acuity, timeliness and transparency, the information provided should be enhanced, aiming at including new themes and those surveyed just on the occasion of the Agricultural Censuses.

In order to implement a National System of Sample Surveys of Agricultural Establishments - SNPA, the IBGE has been building the basic infrastructure, particularly the reference registers and their maintenance mechanisms. The registers are: Register of Agricultural Establishments and Producers and Register of Enumeration Areas with Agricultural Information, both of them built on top of the information collected by the 2006 Census of Agriculture.

The redesign process will require the participation of users and producers of statistical information. Seminars, called "SNPA Fora", will be carried out to discuss and assess the new project.