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This topic covers the following:

General characteristics of the population
Information on size and structure (by age and sex), color or race, population distribution, density and urbanization.

Components of demographic dynamics and vital statistics
Information on level and characteristics of population fertility, migration and mortality, as well as births and deaths.

Information on family arrangements and households, their organizing patterns (reconstituted families, same-sex couples, couples living separately, dual-residence children, single-parent families and one-person household) and family life cycles (considering the presence of children and young people in different age groups, elderly and adult members in the labor market).

Information on the models of formation and dissolution of the living arrangements, marriages and divorces, and the economic and cultural transformations that impact on the nuptiality of the Brazilian population.

Specific population groups
Statistics grouped by specific segments of the population from the generational groups (children, adolescents, young people, the elderly), ethnic-racial groups (Indians, quilombolas, among others) or regional groups. It also includes people with disability.